05 March 2006

Tennis Legend Borg to Auction Trophies

There are many great emotions in life. Some are great in a good way and lift your feet off the ground, and others suck the air out of your lungs and make you feel like all the clocks in the world just stopped.

I doubt anyone would have ever thought that Bjorn Borg would look at his trophies and feel both extremes. But sadly, I think that's exactly what happened, twenty years apart.


K. said...

5 wimbledons, and 6 french opens, and the dude retired at age 26. phenomenal. but that's a long life yet to live, you know?

one my earliest "sports memories" was watching him play wimbledon...with those white balls...i couldn't understand how they played on grass.

WestEnder said...

Oh man, I forgot about those white balls. I remember playing with them sometimes with that crappy, old wooden racket.

White balls and a woodie. Good times.

I remember Borg, but just barely. I wish VCRs were popular then, because my dad would have taped those matches and saved them. He did that years later, and I used those tapes to learn how to play.

5 Wimbledons and 6 Frenches. That is outrageous.