22 March 2006

Uncle Milton Ant Farm Celbrates 50th Anniversary

Milton Levine has been selling his ant farm for 50 years. He put 4 kids through school with it. His son now runs the family business.

Uncle Milton Industries also sells a variety of educational toys, including remote-controlled tarantulas, an electronic planetarium and intricate habitats for frogs, hermit crabs and small fish.

Over the years, ants have had their digs upgraded with modules that can be linked to create expandable communities. One includes a tiny bungee rope, skating loops, race cars and small stunt bike arena.

I wonder what a kid would think if you gave him/her an ant farm instead of a video game.

Related story: the difficulty of keeping a family-run business in the family.


TravisG said...

Ant farms were only slightly more fun than sea monkeys.

Lucy said...

My dream is to one day have the world's largest ant farm as a road side attraction.

I have a farm on US 127 (a great highway for a road side attraction) in SW Ohio now just need ants