24 March 2006

Return of the Son of Basketball Post

What a day:

LSU shows Duke the door. UCLA steps it up in the clutch to take down Gonzaga. Texas beats West Virginia at the buzzer. Morrison and Redick are out. Redick is a snotty little sore loser.

Huggins gets the Kansas State job. Andy Kennedy gets the Ole Miss job. And Mick Cronin gets the UC job.

Tonight’s early games are BC vs. Villanova and George Mason vs. Wichita State.
Later games are Georgetown vs. Florida and Washington vs. UConn.

I’ll pick BC, Wichita State, Florida and UConn.


Mark said...

I don't know if I should be glad I didn't get in an NCAA pool this year or if everyone else would have done even worse then me. I wonder how Vegas is making out with all the upsets.

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