05 March 2006

Architecture Competition Won by People from Future

I think I would have liked to be an architect. I used to talk about it a lot during high school and college. Unfortunately, my left brain hogs most of the power.

I had a friend who went to DAAP and I really liked seeing his projects and hanging out with his friends. It was the first time I spent time around creative people, and I liked it. And they, in turn, thought I was a genius because I knew science. So it worked out well. Until I started dating my friend's ex-girlfriend. Things got a little tense because he still liked her (but I didn't know that, and in all fairness, she made the first move). In the end it all worked out and now they're married. True story!

I appreciate creative, artistic, musical people because I lack those qualities myself. If there is one thing I could change about myself, it would be to have the gift of music. But it's only a semi-privation because even though I cannot do it myself, I can still enjoy it and recognize its beauty. And maybe I appreciate art more because I can't do it. Art may not come out of my soul, but at least I can let it in. And that counts, yo.

Now what was I talking about? Oh yes, really cool architecture.

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Michelle Fry said...

I'm with you. I tend to date artists, especially those who can paint, draw, or take incredible photographs. I've dated an architec or two as well. I can't sing and don't play any instruments. And, I absolutely love science. My best relationship was with an artist who loved talking about science and had enough left brain fuction to have serious discussions about scientific theories. God damn, I miss that guy!