02 March 2006

Typhoid Maryopolous

After being ill for several days and not getting any better, my family physician and I concluded that I am sicker than I thought, so it's time to start popping pills. I have never felt like this before; I feel like throwing up every single minute of the day. I keep my mop bucket next to me when I sleep, just in case. I've eaten very little this week and I'm noticeably weak and enervated. This thing has really shut me down. The only time I can remember being ill or injured and put out of commission like this is with a back injury. Hopefully I'll feel normal after the weekend.

Why is it so important that I get better? Because sickness doesn't just take out bloggers... it can destroy great civilizations, too.


LargeBill said...

This is one instance where it is best not to share. Hope you get well soon.

When you get a bug like that all you can do is drink lots of water and hope to flush it out of your system.

KatieG said...


maybe you have avian bird flu.

good luck with that.

WestEnder said...

Thanks for the good wishes. I started pills today. Still feel lousy (like Houdini after the punch), so I'm still on the DL but hope to be back on the team real soon.

KatieG said...

don't die! Houdini died! uh-oh... :(

WestEnder said...

Luckily I didn't shrug off medical treatment (although in all fairness I didn't have a show to do, either).

Mark said...

I'm going to be a complete geek and defend Typhoid Mary to an extent. Despite her reputation, she was only linked to two deaths. Other typhoid carriers were linked to more deaths but weren't as poor, female, or Irish as she was.