22 November 2005

Democratic Leaders Should Pay Attention

From an editorial at American Firearms, the site of the Professional Gun Retailers Association:

“As a person who was once very active in the Democratic Party…I liked Howard Dean. I saw, and still see Dean as a Gorbachev for the Democratic Party. I see Dean as somebody who could have been an effective Party reformer. Those Democrats who endorsed Dean: like President Carter, Al Gore, Senators Bradley and Harkin and other thinking Democrats, they made the correct choice.” In retrospect, Kerry, Mr. perfect hair at the head of the ticket, he lost the Presidential race, lost the Senate races and House races, and most of the races for Governor, so if Dean had run he couldn’t have been a bigger loser…”

“The Republicans think of Dean as a joke, but their
[sic] wrong. Dean will identify the main weaknesses of the Democratic Party and create perceptions that will in part correct those weaknesses.”

Will the Dems have better judgment in '08, or will they find a way to lose an easy election for the 3rd time in a row?

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