18 November 2005

Even Low Expectations Prove Too High for Jean Schmidt

I could hardly have been more on-target about invertebrate sycophant Jean Schmidt (below). Get the whole scoop at Political Cortex, who has the complete play-by-play.

Be sure to watch the video of Schmidt's speech, where tries to paint John Murtha a coward and the Marines as heroes. The chamber erupts in boos (Murtha was a Marine for 37 years. He also earned the Bronze Star, two purple hearts, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the Navy Distinguished Service Medal. And for the last thirty years he's been one of the most respected voices in Congress on military issues -- universally respected by Democrats, Republicans and military brass alike).

And there's much more, so check it out if you can stomach it.

I also wonder if the House leadership chose Schmidt for the statement. It makes sense because the GOP knows they are toast on this issue. Anyone who makes a statement risks losing serious credibility, so who better to pick than Schmidt, who has very little? If it works, then it's win-win, but if it doesn't, then Schmidt is damaged more than the party, and she can be replaced soon, anyway, so the party doesn't have to carry the baggage.

So let's remember: it's not just Schmidt, it's the whole Party. This is one flare-up among so many others. That's how hemorrhoids are. You can't just keep treating the flare-ups, you have to take the big step and get the surgery. And we need to have the surgery, folks. It's just going to be one flare-up after another until we make the political system bend over and we take out those painful, irritating blood vessels swollen with corporate lobbyists.

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Mark said...

The sick thing is that a lot of idiots are chanting "We heart you Schmidt!" You can't say anything too stupid for these people.