18 November 2005

Jean Schmidt Helps Toe Party Line

Jean Schmidt is the perfect GOP official. She has no political views of her own and toes the party line completely. She is neither smart, well-informed, or independent. She made no secret of this during her campaign, as she annoyingly seemed to answer every question with "I support the President's position..."

Schmidt displayed her blind loyalty this week when she joined a chorus of Republicans in denouncing gutsy John Murtha's call to quit fucking around in Iraq. The NYTimes has transcribed the press conference; scroll to the end for Schmidt's portion.

It remains to be seen who Schmidt's competition will be in next year's election and whether she can hang on, but here's what one Ohio blogger thinks of what OH-2 did last time:

Congratulations, OH-2's GOP voters. You had the chance to elect Iraq veteran Paul Hackett (who actually has some clue of what the war over there is actually like) and instead you elected this stupid cow. Well done.

That's how people feel about Schmidt. Whatever her political views, Jean Schmidt is a person of such meager intellect and character that she cannot be considered suitable for Congress. OH-2 is lucky it gets another chance next year; they won't have Hackett on the ballot, but they can certainly do better than Schmidt.

What about Jeff Sinnard? His social conservatism is sure to be a hit out in the burbs and on the farms. And Victoria Wells-Wulsin's public health background could benefit OH-2 directly and maybe even kickstart some progress on health care in Congress. On the Republican side, I think Bob McEwen is still considering the Senate and I don't think Brinkman is getting the thumbs up from anyone. McEwen could certainly win since he came in a close 2nd last time.

Anyone except Schmidt.


TravisG said...

She's an embarrassment to her office.

Wes said...

You will notice that the RURAL areas of the district supported Hackett. It was those wretched sprawl-burbs that put Schmidt in.

Further proof that the Greater Cincinnati Home Builders' Association is a tool of Satan, if'n ya ask me.


E. Gooding said...

How to choose between a social conservative such as McEwen or a party hack like Schmidt?

Given that I dont think a Democrat has a shot in OH-2 and we are stuck with a Republican, I would rather have a "dumb" Republican than one that might actually push an agenda.

But then I dont live in the 2nd district. People of the 2nd district should definately go for anyone but Schmidt if they hope to have any clout in DC

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with your incredibly astute and brilliant analysis of the dynamics of this race. :-) As you say, a "socially conservative" Democrat could offer a compelling choice to many suburban and rural voters. I also think many minority urban voters would be draw to that message.

I think there will likely be 2 or 3 candidates for the Democratic primary. I have said I want to run and at this point I would need to be talked out of it. Jim Parker has indicated he is running. I agree Dr. Wulsin would bring superb skills and knowledge to Congress. I suspect that given the continued Republican troubles in Washington and Columbus a professional politician will be recruited as well.

I think there is a small chance that Jean will have a Republican primary opponent. I would say Brinkman is most likely. But every day the chances get smaller. Jean has been working to solidifying her base in Washington. An action I believe does very little to better the lives of her constituents here in the Ohio 2nd.

Wes said...

Y'all just missed a Schmidt-storm on C-SPAN. The "gentlelady" from Ohio just called Rep. Murtha (D-PA) a "coward" (or something very close to that). It very nearly shut down the House.

Jeff, I don't care if it's you, Vicki Wulsin, Jim Parker, Paul Hackett, or the ghost of Vern Riffe, but someone go in and please beat this blot on representative democracy, ok?


K. said...

she SHOULD have a Republican primary opponent. she's an embarrassment.

E. Gooding said...

I take my comments back

Anyone but Schmidt

WestEnder said...

It's almost as if she saw your first comment and figured she hadn't done enough.

combo pizza hut and taco bell said...

Wow. Schmidt is borderline...no, full on incoherent.