16 November 2005

Sen. DeWine Rights a Wrong

The Senate just passed the 2006 Defense Authorization Bill (S. 1042) which includes an extension added by Mike DeWine to allow children of soldiers K.I.A. to receive health insurance beyond the 3 years originally provided. DeWine said the extension would end what amounted to punishment for the families whose sacrifice was the greatest.

He's right. But interestingly, the extension only 'de-punishes' children, not spouses. Does anyone else see the irony in nickel-and-diming poor military families while military contractors make record profits?

Nevertheless, Sen. DeWine is to be commended for trying to right a wrong. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and presume he would have done this whether it was an election year or not, but I won't be surprised when it shows up as a talking point to help him campaign against the Major.

The House still has to pass its version of the bill, but its version does not include the extension. So it remains to be seen what will end up in the final compromise bill.

The families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country deserve health insurance. Period. I personally think they deserve 4 years of college, too.

Send an email to your House member and tell him/her to support an extension for military health insurance in H.R. 1815.

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KatieG said...

Excellent info. I shall follow your lead...

Mark said...

DeWine has been in office for years and this is the first time I agree with him.