19 November 2005

Corporate Media, Schmidt, and Lindner

News of Schmidt’s folly is all over the grassroots media. What about the corporate media?

As of 9 a.m. Saturday morning, only The Enquirer has an article on Schmidt's folly (“Schmidt causes ruckus in House debate on Iraq”). It also has the article “Lindner buys $300,000 worth of police radios for Norwood.”

Nothing in The Post about Schmidt or Lindner.

Nothing on WCPO about Schmidt, but they do have the article “Carl Lindner Buying Norwood Radios.”

Nothing on WKRC about Schmidt, but they do report “Lindner buying police radios for Norwood.”

FOX19 has a few sentences under the heading “House Democrat Demanding Iraqi Withdrawl. [sic]” Pretty different heading than “Schmidt causes ruckus in House debate on Iraq,” huh? It doesn’t even mention Schmidt. FOX19 also has the article “Norwood Gets Radios Thanks To Carl Linder.”

WLWT: Nothing on Schmidt; something on Lindner: “Lindner Buys Police $300,000 In New Radios.”

(FYI: The Lindner family gave over $30,000 to Schmidt’s campaign).

So The Enquirer is the only local corporate media to report on Schmidt’s folly. How did they do? Not too bad, but here’s a couple of things from the article I noticed:

Dressed in a red, white and blue suit, Schmidt, a Clermont County Republican and the most junior member of the House, took to the floor to protest the resolution.

Dressed in a red, white and blue suit. Jean Schmidt’s sartorial profile is hardly relevant to this matter. I presume this is The Enquirer’s gauche attempt to paint Schmidt as a patriotic.

The House took a 10-minute recess as Schmidt was told to stop talking. Democrats called for her remarks to be stricken from the official transcript, but Republicans ruled that the remarks would be reported.

Based on the video I saw, it was not Democrats who called for her remarks to be stricken. It was she herself who requested this. Democrats suggested tabling the resolution for another day (since Schmidt basically shot this day to hell) and voiced no objection to her request that her remarks be stricken.


Mark said...

I would have thought that the comment about her suit was to make her look like a clown who drapes herself in the flag but knowing the Enquirer, you're probably right.

Wes said...

Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live said she looked like a 1970s gymnast.