15 November 2005

Dave Lapham’s Rx for the Bengals

Player-cum-analyst Dave Lapham suggested the following 3 things would be key to the Bengals’ staying competitive in the 2nd half of the season:

Turnovers: They won all 6 games in which they were (+) in turnovers and were 1-2 in the games where they broke even (no negative games). Lapham said this has been a key factor, especially in the first 5 games. What has really made the difference, though, is not just the turnovers, but the points off turnovers. The Bengals scored 70 pts. off turnovers in the first several games. It’s been a huge factor.

Red Zone Offense: Lapham says the Bengals need to score TDs in the Red Zone 60% of the time and hold the opponent to under 40%.

Third Down Conversions: Bengals have to make 3rd downs at least 10% more of the time than the opponent.

If they can do these three things and keep penalites under control, the Bengals would be strong postseason contenders.


K. said...

Detroit in February, my friend... that's what you've got to look forward to.

WestEnder said...

Oh, please. That is like threatening someone with a feather duster.