07 September 2005

Wright State Grad Gets Her Film in Sundance

Congratulations to Wright State graduate Selena Burks, whose 26-minute short film was one of 82 shorts to be accepted from a pool of 3800 submissions. Her film "Saving Jackie" is about her mother's struggle with drug addiction. It's a tired theme, and I'm sure it was a theme well represented among the other 3799 films, but there must be something special about it for it to be accepted.

I don't plan to be in Utah anytime soon, but maybe I'll catch it on IFC or Sundance someday.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks WestEnder,

I'm Selena and I just googled my name and your blog site came up. Thank you very much for the positive vibes and if you like, I can mail you a VHS copy of Saving Jackie so you can see it sooner rather than later... my email is savingjackie@yahoo.com ...btw, Saving Jackie was on BET J's Black Stories last night... I wish I knew about you sooner...

Be Blessed,
Selena A. Burks