09 September 2005

Coke Goes Flat at Oberlin

A student-led movement at Oberlin initiated a campus-wide boycott of Coca-Cola, and now the school does not even purchase it. According to the article in The Oberlin Review, students' main beef is with the company's criminal anti-union actions in Columbia.

The article mentions that other schools have also rejected Coke, but doesn't say how many. Coke did meet with student representatives from a few schools, so the issue is on their radar.


KatieG said...

coke is good.
oberlin kids are an odd bunch.
(not "odd" in a bad way, just "odd" as in "what are you all doing in Ohio?" type way)

WestEnder said...

I knew an Oberlin grad. Her sister went to Earlham, which is kind of the Oberlin of Indiana. I know the sister has a personality disorder and I think the other one is pretty close, too.