22 September 2005

Chabot Does RIght Thing in Wrong Way

Rep. Steve Chabot is proposing a gasoline tax credit to ease the burden of high prices at the pump.

Unfortunately, this incredibly unimaginative proposal is another "band-aid for hemophilia" idea that does nothing to address the cause of a problem, it just provides mild short-term relief to those who can wait months before realizing some savings.

He gives us the same lovely reasoning we've come to expect from today's Republicans: increasing the deficit will stimulate the economy and therefore reduce the deficit. I read once that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. Is Steve Chabot insane?

If Chabot were serious about lowering gas prices, perhaps he would have voted differently on H. Res. 375, a "resolution of inquiry" into the Downing Street Memo. Perhaps he would be more vocal about Halliburton's war profiteering. Perhaps he would look for ways to reduce our consumption and dependence on oil, such as additional incentives for hybrid vehicles, biodiesel, and alternative energy R&D. Perhaps he would promote light rail.

But he didn't.

Mr. Chabot has a reputation as a fiscal conservative and tax cutter. But given the choice between short-term tax relief and long-term economic relief, he made the wrong call.


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