18 September 2005

Ohio U: Top Tier Partying, Bottom Tier Students

Apparently, being some of the hardiest partiers isn't enough for OU students; they want to be some of the most obnoxious, too, according to an article in the Athens News. Students seem to have a penchant for starting fires, destroying property, disrespecting police, and disturbing the peace.

[a city official] expressed disgust and disbelief that at a time when "first responders" such as police, firefighters and paramedics are being honored nationwide for their work in disasters, in Athens, they are being barraged "with bricks, bottles, beer cans."

The police and university may start using a new state law that allows students convicted of certain crimes to lose their financial aid. That will weed out the middle class, at least, but what about all the little George W. Bushes?


Burt Safer said...

Disrespecting police? That reminds me of John Ellis Bush.

WestEnder said...

I think you know something about Jeb that I don't.

Here's his official site with a nice picture. Love the soft-focus filter (aka the "Barbara Walters"):


AntToeKnee said...

but what about all the little George W. Bushes?

A national culling. Just leak to the press some lie about the value of the skin of rich young men being greater than that of minks. That coupled with you nations pathelogical obsession with their 'right' to bear arms should see a drop in number the like of which the captain of a Japanese 'scientific' trawler would be proud.