01 September 2005

Log Cabin Says Winburn Must Walk the Walk

Ted Jackson, president of the Cincinnati Log Cabin Republicans, says the group will not endorse Winburn because of his clear anti-gay record. Most recently, Winburn was an advisor to the anti-Article XII repeal effort, where he made over $3000 a month, according to The Enquirer's Gregory Korte.

In Tuesday night's WCET mayoral forum, Winburn said that he would include gays in his administration, to which Jackson commented "If mayoral candidate Winburn, has had a change of heart about gay people, that is great. We will wait to watch his actions to see if it is real."

Winburn deserves even more derision now than before. The only thing worse than someone with bad principles is someone who tilts at windmills and suddenly develops campaign-induced plasticity of principles. It's bad enough that Winburn is on record being a neoChristian (only born-again Christians should be in office, e.g.), but then he backtracks on his own words. It's bad enough he is an anti-gay bigot, but now that he wants to be mayor, suddenly he welcomes them with open arms.

Winburn is not a leader; he is a politician in the worst sense of the word. What is his position? Is it the same as yesterday's? Will it be the same as tomorrow's? Winburn is just another gutless narcissist whose lust for power trumps any principles he might have once had.

Jackson said Log Cabin would not make a mayoral endorsement, but it will make council endorsements soon. Is it safe to say that Ghiz will get an endorsement but Malone and Monzel will not? What about Bortz (he is a Charterite)? It would be shocking if Nick Spencer didn't get an endorsement, even though there were rumors of a falling our between Spencer and Jackson (his erstwhile campaign manager).

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