15 September 2005

A Brief Review of Regional Beers

The Clark Street Authors Society has released its September booze report. The following beers were reviewed:

Christian Moerlein Select Lager: A hometown brew, CM was the first beer to qualify to be served on airplanes, although I have neither seen nor heard of anyone ever ordering one on a plane. Nevertheless, this is a great beer. Smooth and tasty, this beer was a satisfactory complement to preseason football.

Christian Moerlein Oktoberfest: Even better. Watching football without this beer would be like drinking beer without watching football. I drank it while watching FOX19's supberb telecast of high school football all night long. Those of you who saw it know what I'm talking about. Please do that again, FOX19!

Iron City: I don't need to tell you what city this is from, but I do need to tell you that it's much better than the $4.50 per 6-pack would suggest. When you need a good beer for friends you actually respect, give Iron City a try. The bottle is cool, too.

Lone Star: If you walked into a dive bar in the middle of Texas and said "Give me a beer," this is what you would get. It's not a catastrophe, but if you're reading this blog, you're better than Lone Star. Leave it for the students.


The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Hudy Delight remains my cheap beer of choice. I keep hearing rumors that production will move back to town. Is it true?

WestEnder said...

I don't know about that. I still can't believe there is another city that would want to brew it in the first place.

I used to take Hudy Delight back to college after coming home for vacation. I'd ask my friends if they wanted a beer, and they'd say "Sure... it's not that Cincinnati beer, is it? Oh, that's ok, I'm good."

Unbelievable. What snobs. I tried to switch them to Burger, but that didn't fly, either.

TravisG said...

Christian Moerlein's Oktoberfest is one of my all-time favorites. Dee-lish.