15 September 2005

Xavier Men's Basketball Schedule

It won't help those of you still suffering from Post Huggins Stress Disorder, but Xavier, the other hoops show in town, has the Musketeer's schedule here.

XU will have to hit the ground running. The first three rivals are Purdue, Coppin State, and Illinois.

The crosstown shootout will be Jan. 19.


KatieG said...

the only thing that rivals college football as a heartbreaking spectator sport, is college basketball...

and the best are small schools that play in small gyms. I almost enjoyed University of Detroit games at Callahan Hall, or GW Colonial games at the Smith Center more than Michigan at Crisler Arena.

i see xavier plays my grad-school alum, GW in february...

WestEnder said...

Here is an amazing fact. Did you know that in high school football, you cannot return an onside kick for a Touchdown?

I saw a close game that got VERY interesting in the 4th Q, and one team ran back an onside kick which would have brought them 1 TD away from victory. But the officials brought the ball back and explained the rule.

Unbelievable. Can anyone offer a rationale for this rule?