09 September 2005

Jeff Sinnard Kind of Disagrees but not Really

Jeff Sinnard, a Democratic also-ran in this year's district 2 race, just posted a comment on the Cincinnati Blog in which he simultaneously disagrees with as well as supports Winburn's infamous and outrageous belief that only neoChristians should hold public office:

I can’t imagine paying money for Winburn's book, but from the excerpt he does not seem to say that only the born again can hold office. He says that "We" (born again Christians) should elect born again Christians. This, in my opinion, is not news worthy. It would be like Tim Burke saying Democrats should only elect Democrats, which he does - he just is not very successful at doing it.

Winburn certainly does and says a lot of things I disagree with, this is just not one of them. And certainly not the one to pick a fight over.

Sinnard's analogy is improper. People choose (or at least should) party affiliations because they agree with certain tenets of policy and government. That is not why people join religions or cults.

Faith is personal (and should stay that way). Politics is public (and should stay that way).

I also wonder if Mr. Sinnard is consistent across the board. Should a neoChristian baseball manager only sign neoChristian players? Should a neoChristian only hire neoChristians to work on his house? What if his daugher started liking a Buddhist just a little too much?


Jeff Sinnard said...

I would like to say you misquoted me, but you quoted me. But you did mis-paraphrase me. I am not saying only neoChristian should hold office. Far from it. I think the lack of diversity in public office is shameful. We need more Muslims, Buddhists, Mennonites, etc. We also need more butchers, bakers, secretaries, carpenters, and engineers. And we desperately need far fewer lawyers.

What I am saying, and will keep saying, is to stop picking on the Christians. I know we are upset with the Christian right, but they are not the only Christians. We Christians are your friends. We believe in feeding the poor and clothing the naked (Matthew 25:35-36). Religious people of all faiths are compelled to take political action. Lets make sure the tent is big enough for them to come to the Democratic Party.

WestEnder said...

Well said.

But as I understand it, most criticism is not "picking on Christians"; it is criticism of mixing church and state. It is not criticism of a particular religion; that is just what the neoChristians say because otherwise the real reason might make sense.

(neoChristian is the ClarkStreet word for the christian right since they are not true christians, as you point out. The label acknowledges their re-invention.)

Jeff Sinnard said...

Sounds like we found some common ground. That makes me happy.

WestEnder said...


Adam Clair Stremler said...

Sometimes an open thesis is stronger because it does not have to have a structure.
Regards, Adam

WestEnder said...

Yeah, I was just about to say that.