02 September 2005

Alicia Reece: Not the Mayor of Math

An email sent out by the Reece campaign includes the numbers from a WCPO poll. The numbers are below. Reece's name was in red in the original email:

Reece 27%
Pepper 25%
Mallory 23%
Winburn 13%
Other/Undecided 12%

Sample Population 583 Likely Voters
Margin of Error 4.1%

The important line to notice is the last one. According to these numbers, this poll is a statistical tie.

Does this email reveal a serious inability to perform basic math, or does this email reveal a deliberate attempt to mislead voters?

No corporation, municipality, or large organization would accept a chief executive with lousy math skills. Such a person could not be counted on for fiscal prudence. George W. Bush did it for the nation; Bob Taft did it for the state. Should voters let Reece do it for the city?

And if it's a deliberate attempt to mislead, is that the kind or person we want in the mayor's office? That would be like, well, Taft or Bush.


Mina said...

She is too much.

Anonymous said...

Of course she understands the math. She is counting on the voters not. I would say the majority of people either don't look at margin of error or don't know what it is.

WestEnder said...

I think you are probably right, especially in Reece's case. On Gregory Korte's blog, he posted results of a poll with the numbers broken down by demographics, such as education.

Reece's support DROPS by 50% if you compare voters with and without a college degree. Pepper's ROSE by 100% and Mallory was about the same.

Anonymous said...

You still trying to knock down Reece, LIG, let it go. She actually won a poll, let her enjoy it for now. the break down has her winning among the young, women, those with none or some college, and some other categories. Pepper should lose some of his votes because he was law & public safety chair and was kidnapped or robbed his damn self so what kind of safety is that for cincinnati. Mallory has been gone, point blank, doesn't know what's really going on and it will take him 3 of the 4 years to find out. He's already trying to put out plans that already has been done and failed. Winburn is a nutcase.