27 February 2007

Sometimes I Hate Being Right

The American political landscape in 16 words: The Republican Party can campaign but not lead; the Democratic Party can neither campaign nor lead.

Democrats back away from Iraq plan

If it's hip for party leaders to let down their fellow members of Congress and grassroots constituents (as it seems to have been for the last several years), then Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are oh so tres branche.

Reid still ridiculous:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday he wanted to delay votes on a measure that would repeal the 2002 war authorization and narrow the mission in Iraq.

Senior Democrats who drafted the proposal, including Sens. Joseph Biden of Delaware and Carl Levin of Michigan, had sought swift action on it as early as this week...

Pelosi still pathetic:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi meanwhile, said she doesn't support tying war funding to strict training and readiness targets for U.S. troops.

The comments distanced her from Rep. John Murtha who has said he wants to use Congress' spending power to force a change in policy in Iraq by setting strict conditions on war funding.

Pelosi said she supports holding the administration to training and readiness targets, but added: "I don't see them as conditions to our funding. Let me be very clear: Congress will fund our troops."

Asked whether the standards should be tied to a $100 billion supplemental war spending measure — as Murtha has proposed — Pelosi demurred, saying it was up to the panel that drafts funding bills.

Weak leadership atop a weak Party:

The developments on both sides of the Capitol reflected a new level of disarray in Democratic ranks on Iraq. Swept into power by voters clamoring for an end to the war, Democrats have seen their efforts falter...

Internal divisions, Republican opposition and a president who — while weakened — still appears to have the dominant voice on the war have all left Democrats flailing for a way to change the war's course.

After last November's election, friends and family were impressed that the Democrats took over Congress and asked me if I expected major changes. I laughed and replied that I use the word "Dummocrats" for a reason.

Wake me up when there's a reason to expect anything different.

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