07 February 2007

Getting Harder to Distinguish Islamofascists, Christofascists

Hey, maybe Christian fundamentalists and Muslim fundamentalists can get along after all:

The United Nations has for the first time confirmed that there are organized campaigns to kill gays in Iraq, directed by orders from Islamic leaders.

One such order says gays “should be killed in the worst, most severe way of killing.”

Those campaigns are at the behest of Islamic leaders, including Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the spiritual leader of Shiite Muslims in Iraq.

It's great to see the world's holiest people brought together by the common bond of hatred. And how about this:

Activists like Hili, who said that discreet homosexuality was tolerated under Saddam Hussein’s rule...

Dictatorship or fundamentalism... such a tough choice. I wish we could put them together like chocolate and peanut butter and make a yummy little Reese's cup of a country.


liberal_dem said...

I appreciate this post. Many times on my blog, I mention the oh-so religious right and their obsession with gays. In fact, my blog has become infected with a member of the Christian Taliban.

If I may, I'll ue your link for one of my posts today.


ohdave said...

I became convinced of the similarites when I read about women's issues in Islam (which I posted on Sunday.) The cult of virginity in Islam reminded me a great deal of the chastity cult among American right wingers.