03 February 2007

Belichick Still an A-hole

Once again, adverse circumstances reveal Bill Belichick's true weenie-ness:

Johnson, who played 10 years in the NFL, said he began to deteriorate in August 2002 with a concussion during an exhibition game against the New York Giants. He sustained another concussion four days later after Belichick prodded him to participate in a full-contact practice, even though he was supposed to be avoiding hits, Johnson said.

The next month, with their relationship already strained, Johnson confronted Belichick about the practice after the coach asked him to meet in his office.

"I told him, `You played God with my health. You knew I shouldn't have been cleared to play,"' Johnson told the Globe.

Belichick's response:

"If Ted felt so strongly that he didn't feel he was ready to practice with us, he should have told me," Belichick said.

Shorter Bill Belichick: If Ted had a brain injury that prevented him from making reasoned judgments he should have had the reasonable judgment to tell me. I mean, when did that become my job?


KatieG said...

Contributory negligence...
Johnson told the Globe he estimates he had at least six concussions in his last three seasons, but reported only onebecause he already had a reputation as an injury-prone player and he didn't want to make it worse.

"Looking back, it was stupid not to tell anyone," Johnson said. "But I didn't know then that every time you have a concussion, you are four to six times more susceptible the next time. I had no idea the damage I was causing myself."

WestEnder said...

It's a fair point, but I would say that it's one thing if he "estimates" he had 6 concussions and quite another if he actually was diagnosed with 6 concussions. I would think the latter is a far clearer instance of contributory negligence than the former.

The main issue (which I was too lazy to address in the post) is the incidence of concussions in general. It's a serious issue that should be addressed by the NFL.

None of this changes the fact that Belichick is a churlish, sore loser who needs to grow up and act like an adult.

KatieG said...

while most of what you say is true....Why is Belichick a "sore loser" who needs to "act like an adult?" ??

WestEnder said...

3 things he did recently turned me off:

1) Shoved a photographer with extreme prejudice. The photog was facing the other way and just doing his job.

2) Walked right by Peyton Manning after the playoff loss, refusing to congratulate or even acknowledge him.

3) Was interviewed after the ^same game and just stood there with a pissed off look on his face while giving curt responses. The reporter ended it after just 2 questions.

I was embarrassed for Belichick. He acted like a big baby. Waaaaah!