17 February 2007

Campbell Brown Exposed

NBC is a joke. Let's get that straight right away. Not convinced?

Two words: Matt Lauer.

Two more: Campbell Brown.

Last week Brown parrotted the "support for the troops means support for the war" talking point on the Today show. The date was Feb. 13, which I think is significant because maybe she was trying to appease her new husband on the eve of Valentine's Day.

Why would that be a turn-on for her husband?

Because Campbell Brown's husband is none other than Dan Senor, Paul Bremer's former right-hand man who now works for FAUX News.

But there's so much more about Dan Senor than the above official link tells us. For one thing, his first job after business school was with The Carlyle Group. Several years before that, he interned with AIPAC.

And before he worked for Bremer, he was deputy for Scott "Pinnocchio" McClellan. In fact, Senor was given the job of "helping" Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi write his speeches during a U.S. visit prior to the 2004 elections.

So the love of Campbell Brown's life has had longtime ties to the Bush family and the Israel lobby. Not exactly the ingredients of objectivity. But there's more...

Dan Senor has made some campaign contributions. One recipient, Tom O'Donoghue, advocated the following in his platform:

We must focus our efforts to get our troops home. The key is to make security an Iraqi mission.

We must accelerate the handover by:

• Reinvigorating diplomacy and engaging allies;
• Blocking the outside forces that fuel instability;
• Setting realistic milestones to measure success;
• Finish the training of the Iraqi Army.

Wait a minute here... get the troops home? Reinvigorating diplomacy? Milestones?

These aren't parts of the Bush plan. These sound like... dare I say... Democratic plans!

Maybe Campbell Brown can bring her husband on the Today show and ask him why he would give money to a candidate who doesn't support the troops.

And after that, maybe she can ask him if he gave money to George Allen because he's great at making up funny words.

Another of Senor's recipients, Nicholas Vancampen Taylor, is one of those walking GOP pamphlets. Here's an it-would-be-funny-if-it-weren't-true summary of one of his debate speeches:

I am a Marine! And a hero! There’s too much partisanship in Washington and it’s all the fault of liberal cut-and-run terrorist-appeasers like Nancy Pelosi, whom my opponent loves and plans to marry. America faces many challenges, and they are all the fault of gay terrorist illegal aliens who want to adopt. Get rid of the tax-and-spend Congress by electing yet another Republican like the ones who have been doing all the taxing and spending over the last 12 years. Grover Norquist loves me, even though I didn’t bother to read his survey before I signed it, so you should love me, too. Taxes are the work of Satan. The key to victory in Iraq is doing the same thing over and over and over again and hoping for a different result. If you hate Jesus, vote for my opponent.

There's more. Senor also gave money to major fundraiser and DeLay protege (and Abramoff-associated) Eric Cantor, who also has ties to AIPAC and the Republican Jewish Coalition. Cantor is the only Jewish Republican in the House but nevertheless failed to see the irony in rebuking Howard Dean for calling the GOP "a white, Christian Party."

And then there's Mike Ferguson, Congressman from New Jersey. He's one of the top pharma whores and, speaking of whores... he seems to think that's what Georgetown students are.

So there you have it... Campbell Brown is one degree of separation from a true blue neocon. So the next time you see her get on her knees for a GOP snow job on TV, remember that she does pretty much the same thing off TV.


TravisG said...

Nice work.

WestEnder said...

Thanks... sorry 'bout slamming your network. Blame her.

Anonymous said...

Campbell Brown is sexist. You are very much
not liked in NJ. Keep going, you are taking Women
back about 100 years. Your attitude during this
campaign has been appalling. You worship, Obama
and don't even qualify as being a reporter. I guess
we know who's paying you!!! Shame on you, you
are playing a game and your intelligence is lacking
but I guess your paycheck is all that counts. Women
trusted you to tell the truth, how do you go to work
everyday???? Mothers & Daughters of NJ

Anonymous said...

excellent post. greatly appreciated it.

came across this because one day i was watching cnn and something just rubbed me wrong about how opinionated she was on some topics she was reporting.

low and behold...