06 February 2007

A Good Show Beats a Good Snow

A Clark Street Blog concert recommendation:

Local musician and all-around good guy Nicholas Radina will be playing with the band Eclipse at Xavier's Gallagher Theatre tomorrow at 7pm. Radina plays guitar and cuatro and plays them very well. He's a member of hot local band Tropicoso which is known as much for hot music as it is for bringing out all the beautiful people.

Check out clips of him in action on his website.

So if the roads are driveable, check out the show. Did I mention the FREE BEER?

Factoid: Radina designed and invented a machine to throw footballs for teams to use in practice. Basically a pitching machine except for footballs. I provided a modicum of consultation with the physics. I don't know what the machine is called but I'll bet it's not "Rex."


ohdave said...

WE, you made a great point over at my place. Absolutely right, about $ and politics. Your SB commentary below is a riot!

If I can get around to it I have a big education and media post to write today.

Take care.

WestEnder said...

Education AND media? That'll be a long one!

Nicholas said...

Wow! Thanks for the mention and props!
To those who didn't get a chance to see the Eclipse show, it will be available soon on MindIgnitionChannel.com(which is a VERY COOL site...they do a GREAT JOB!)

Still working on the "Football Machine"...anyone interested?