08 February 2007

Poll Reveals Republican Ignorance About Science

GOP Even More Ignorant than Originally Expected.

National Journal has released a new “Congressional Insiders Poll,” which surveyed 113 members of Congress — 10 Senate Democrats, 48 House Democrats, 10 Senate Republicans, and 45 House Republicans — about their positions on global warming.

The results were startling. Only 13 percent of congressional Republicans say they believe that human activity is causing global warming, compared to 95 percent of congressional Democrats.

I'd like to see a survey including every member of Congress, not just 113 of them. It's not too small of a sample, but I am curious to know the comprehensive numbers. And it would be nice to get them on record about an issue that 99% of scientists agree on.


Anonymous said...

This poll conclusively demonstrates that global warming is politics, not science. Of course, you knew that didn't you.

Mark said...

Actually this poll does not prove anything about science, other than the limited comprehension of certain members of Congress. And even that is not proven conclusively.

If Republicans believe 2+2=7 and Democrats believe 2+2=3, that would show that politicians aren't the brightest of folk.

It would not conclusively demonstrates that addition is politics, not mathematics.