03 February 2007

Scientists Identify Worst Sound in the World

What's the worst sound? For my money, it's the voice of nutty pundit Bill Kristol. I can't stand that smug, croaking voice. And I'm not even factoring in his amazing streak of being wrong all the time, since it's technically not sound (pun alert).

But the scientific study that aimed to identify the world's worst sound was done in Britain, so they have the good fortune of not having to put up with Kristol. So what sound makes people sick to their stomach?

Question asked, question answered:

A year-long quest to identify the worst sound in the world ended yesterday with top honours going to the backdrop of market town Britain on a Saturday night: a person vomiting.

Microphone feedback, crying babies and the scrapes and squeaks of a train on a track ranked second and joint third, with a cat howling and mobile phone ringtones coming joint 12th and snoring an unexpectedly low 26th.

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