24 October 2006

Greg Hartmann: Well-connected or Well-qualified?

The Dayton Daily News has an article about Sec. of State candidate Greg Hartmann's refusal to pay a prior business debt even though he is legally obligated to do so.

I'm not sure this is such a big deal, really. I can't see it going very far as a campaign issue. It's a business disagreement that has to be battled in the courts. Happens all the time.

More interesting is the fact that Hartmann is the son and son-in-law of wealthy and well-connected people. His father is connected to Dick Cheney and his in-laws founded Hillenbrand Industries. One would think that this has had something to do with his elected officialdom and his appointment as executive director of the county GOP and chair of the county Bush-Cheney campaign, but this would be incorrect:

"I had been a successful prosecutor and people knew I had a background in business. I was the most qualified candidate for the job."

Being "most qualified" to lead anything Republican is hardly something to be bragging about these days.


Anonymous said...

this was a legal disagreement that already has been "battled out in court."
hartmann lost and he has blatantly refused to pay the $30,000 that a judge found he owed. i think thats hugely relevant.

WestEnder said...

It is true that a court has already ordered him to pay (which is why I said he was legally obligated) but court cases can go more than one round if the loser appeals. The article didn't say anything about that, so I don't know whether he's pursuing further legal action or whether he's just plain refusing to pay.

Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Refused to pay and put his house in the name of a corporation.