06 October 2006

Mike DeWine: Campaign Rhetoric vs. Senate Record

The Plain Dealer reports that Mike DeWine regularly missed meetings of the Senate Intelligence Committee. It seems he attended only half as many meetings as his colleagues.

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Anonymous said...

I remember reading that John Kerry missed 70% of those meetings. He was also on the committee.

He also claimed that Bush misled people on intelligence when he didn't even attend the meetings.

Dewine missed 47.5% of the meetings. The average Senator misses 40% of the meetings.

We are at war. It is hard to believe people don't go to these meetings. Given the allegations about our intelligence, and the proof of intelligence failures. Given the fact that we were attacked on 9/11 and experts consider the next attack as "when and not if", you might think some of these guys would start doing their job and going to the important meetings.

I think we should dock them pay for a derelection of duty.