05 October 2006

Pennsylvania Republican Has Affair, Chokes Mistress, Promises Tax Cuts

Should it really be a surprise that Rep. Don Sherwood is the just the kind of person you're likely to find in the GOP:

Rep. Don Sherwood, the Pennsylvania Republican accused of choking his former mistress, has issued a television ad in which he asks for forgiveness for the "mistake" he made which "nearly cost him" the love his wife and daughters.

While saying that the "allegation of abuse was never true," Sherwood tells the voters of Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district that if they were to forgive him, he will stay focused on reducing taxes, creating jobs, and bringing home the district’s fair share.

An interesting footnote: Sherwood's affair went unnoticed until a political opponent found a copy of the police report in which Sherwood's mistress called 911 and claimed abuse. Based on the mistress's Wikipedia entry, it looks like Sherwood went after a gold-digging ho and got bit in the ass. She filed suit and he settled out of court.


Michelle Fry said...

Wow, he thinks he's smart enough to cut taxes and handle the economy but he got tripped up by a gold digger. How ironic is that?

Anonymous said...

the republicans will need body bags in november.
i know where i can get some bags real cheap.