17 October 2006

KY Senator is Special Interests' Best Friend

I've always wondered what the hell is wrong with Kentucky. No, I don't mean in the general sense... I mean in the sense that they keep electing Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning to the Senate. Bunning is an extremist who is going senile and McConnell is a graduate of the Tom DeLay school of government.

Suddenly, after all these years, journalists decided to check out McConnell. Here's what the Lexington Herald-Leader writes:

McConnell's rise to the top of Congress is testament to the power of money in modern politics. He has raised nearly $220 million over his Senate career; he spent the majority not on his own campaigns but on those of his GOP colleagues, who have rewarded him with power.

"He's completely dogged in his pursuit of money. That's his great love, above everything else," said Marshall Whitman

A six-month examination of McConnell's career, based on thousands of documents and scores of interviews, shows the nexus between his actions and his donors' agendas. He pushes the government to help cigarette makers, Las Vegas casinos, the pharmaceutical industry, credit card lenders, coal mine owners and others.

Special interest politics taken to the highest level. Or as we now call it, the GOP.

The scariest part?

If Republicans hold the Senate in the Nov. 7 elections, he is expected to succeed retiring Sen. Bill Frist of Tennessee as majority leader.

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