16 October 2006

Season Not Getting Any Easier for Bengals

Tough loss to take, no question. That was a heartbreaker.

The late-night local sports pundits made a big brouhaha over the bad call at the end of the game. They were furious about it and blamed the referee for the loss.

I agree it was an incorrect call, and the Bengals would almost certainly have won 13-7 if it didn't happen. But I don't see that as the reason for the loss. The Bengals had their opportunities and they didn't capitalize. It's as simple as that. C'mon, 13 points from the Bengals? Are you kidding me?

Chad Johnson was so frustrated he could barely do his regular interview with FOX19's Brian Giesenschlag. Carson Palmer looked like he was feeling about the same.

The Bengals have lost too many valuable players and it shows, particularly on defense. But the best teams win even when they don't have their best stuff. If the Bengals are postseason bound, they have to beat the best teams (like the Pats) and they have to figure out how to do it without key players.

Things get even tougher this Sunday, when we face the Carolina Panthers. I have to say I am not looking forward to the matchup between Carolina's receivers and the Bengals defense. It has the potential to get very ugly.

Key stats from yesterday's game (ESPN.com):

First Downs Bengals: 15
First Downs Bucs: 21

3rd Down Conversions Bengals: 3 of 14
3rd Down Conversions Bucs: 6 of 16

Rushing Yds Bengals: 53
Rushing Yds Bucs: 126

Possession Bengals: 25 min.
Possession Bucs: 35 min.

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