19 October 2006

Local Stations Pull DeWine Ad (UPDATED!)

Squeaky wheels get the grease.

It has come to my attention that after being deluged with calls, all 4 stations pulled DeWine's ad (which makes false claims, see post below) as of early afternoon.

Now we can relax and wait for the next round of ads.

UPDATE: Apparently there are TWO ads which make the same false claim. Although the stations have pulled the first ad, I saw the second ad just this morning on WKRC. In this ad, a woman says something like "Not only did he raise our taxes, he didn't pay his own." Since this has been proven to be a false statement, this ad should be pulled as well.

And let's keep in mind: the stations pulled the false ads, not the GOP. The GOP refused to stop airing false ads even after they were proven false.

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