15 July 2006

"Sweet Jesus You're an Idiot," vol. 2

An update on Pete, the abortion monomaniac who couldn't even discern that The Onion is a satirical newspaper:

Congratulations, Pete, you made Salon.com!

In just a few days, the comments on Pete's post reached into the hundreds and he became the poster child for evangelical stupidity. Suprisingly, Pete didn't put his tail between his legs and acknowledge his mistake. That would be like saying he was wrong, which is like saying Jesus is wrong, which is like saying Jesus doesn't support Pete, which is like saying Pete has a psychological problem and needs to see a psychiatrist.

So what was Pete's reaction? He removed the comments and added graphic images to his original post. Passive-aggressiveness with a twist of evangelicalism served on a bed of gore. Oooh! That's refreshing! It's like a summer salad made out of Jesus!

Here's Pete's first reaction to being excoriated.
Here's his second reaction.
Here's his third.

What does the world think of Pete? Click here to read his deleted comments.


The Dean of Cincinnati said...

What's hilarious is that he keeps calling The Onion "satire" -- with the quotation marks around it!

Michelle Fry said...

I'm guessing the guy has never had sex, at least not with a consenting adult female. There's something really wrong with him. I love it that you have the remarks he deleted.