17 July 2006

Less Lead and Less Smoke, Say Cincinnatians

UC scientist calls for worldwide ban on lead paint:

A U-C researcher is calling for a worldwide ban on lead paint after alarming discoveries abroad. While in India investigating a child with high lead levels, environmental health professor Scott Clark, found the source, a nearby playground covered with lead paint.

He speculates that things made in those countries could end up in the U.S. Clark wants American based companies who do business in those third world nations to promote change.

Why is lead dangerous?

And all regional Bob Evans restaurants (29 of them) will be smoke-free as of the end of July.

If there's one thing the Ohio Valley needs less of, it's bad air. As I've stated before, the Ohio Valley has high rates of pulmonary problems. I remember flying around Cincinati several years ago with a friend who had his own little plane. Every time we'd go up, we'd see a thick yellowish-brownish band across the horizon. "See that? That's smog."

1 comment:

K. said...

awesome...now I can get my sausage gravy and biscuits without inhaling the 2nd-hand smoke from the guy in the nascar hat in the booth behind me.

You know, that's what i miss, no restaurants in NYC serve up that good sausage gravy.

(infer the sarcasm)