24 July 2006

Biodiesel Works in Cincinnati

Not much to add. The headline pretty much says it all:

Fluctuating fuel prices aren't impacting Cincinnati Metro's bottom line, thanks to the agency's investment in biodiesel fuel made from soybean oil.

Metro bought biodiesel fuel last year on contract... meaning that the price is locked in and not influenced by market fluctuations. As a result, Metro is running "a little under budget" for fuel this year...

The biodiesel is produced by Peter Cremer North America L.P., a Sedamsville-based company located at the Ivorydale complex in St. Bernard and Winton Hills, using oil extracted from soybeans grown in Ohio. "So we have Ohio soybeans, made into fuel in Ohio, powering Cincinnati buses," Hilvers said. "It works great for everyone."

I believe Ted Strickland is promoting biodiesel as a technology that can boost Ohio's economy. Obviously, he just doesn't understand what Republicans have done for Ohio's economy.


Michelle Fry said...

Biodiesel is such a great idea but why isn't there more pressure to make it out of wasted grease from fast food joints like McDonald's? I really don't get the need to grow a genetically modified crop (soy beans are usually genetically modified) of beans that will be used for nothing but fuel. It's sad to think that growing a throw away crop is the best we can come up with to get rid of our dependency on Middle East oil. Of course, I wouldn't mind if we got rid of our dependence on fast food either.

WestEnder said...

Good point. Used grease can be used as fuel, but as I understand it, it is used mostly on a small scale, i.e. by small fleets and individuals who retro-fit their engines to handle this type of biodiesel.

For large scale use, it makes more sense to use crops because the production line ensures adequate supply.

Scientists will next come up with ways to make fuel from discarded plant parts which contain cellulose. That way crops can be grown for both food and fuel, instead of one or the other.

Oh man, it's lunchtime. Better go get my Big Mac...