24 July 2006

Republican Asshat Compares Environmentalists to Third Reich

Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, the self-described "extreme right-wing radical conservative", recently compared environmentalists to Hitler's Third Reich.

You may remember Inhofe from a couple years ago when he criticized "humanitarian do-gooders" like the Red Cross for focusing on Abu Ghraib and other human rights violations.

Inhofe is chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and has been an unwavering supporter of energy companies and corporations in general. He has called global warming "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people."

And now he accuses environmentalists and scientists of "The big lie," a reference to something Hitler wrote about in Mein Kampf.

Beyond the primary asshatery, there is a secondary level of stupidity here: the "big lie" does not refer to the Third Reich's actions to fool the German people; Hitler used it to refer to the tactics used by the Jews to gain power.

I'll give Inhofe the benefit of the doubt and assume he's comparing his foes to the Third Reich, and not mistakenly revealing his belief that the Jews were perpetrators of "the big lie."

(And no, I'm not so sure)

Here's a brief rundown of Inhofe's anti-environment voting record.


The Dean of Cincinnati said...

The word "asshat" always makes me laugh. I don't see it that often...

Wes said...

Where Inhofe is concerned, the word "asshat" barely begins to scratch the surface.

Oklahoma, which used to be somewhat sane (see Rogers, Will and Boren, David), now has quite possibly the worst of all 50 Senatorial delegations in Inhofe and Tom "Lesbians in School Bathrooms!!" Coburn.