08 July 2006

"I'm Pro-Life, but Sweet Jesus You're an Idiot"

That's just one of the comments following this holier-than-thou rant over an editorial in The Onion.

Yes, The Onion.

What kind of out-of-touch idiot would read an Onion editorial and take it seriously.... so seriously as to respond? You're sure to be surprised (not!).

"This is priceless," observes Dr. Puma at Width of a Circle (hat tip).

I just had to pass it on.


Michelle Fry said...

Wow, you have to be a real idiot to take the Onion seriously.

WestEnder said...

Or an evangelist. Or maybe that's what you meant.

Evangelist, idiot... potato, potahto.

Louis said...

The guy kept posting, never admitting he'd fucked up. There were close to 2,000 comments on his blog when he finally took his ball and went home.

In the words of Bugs Bunny: What a maroon!