31 July 2006

Middle East Brings Out Wackiness in Many

I saw a funny news clip yesterday. Condi Rice, our greatest Secretary of State ever (cough, cough), gave a press conference in which she said she "decided" not to visit Lebanon after all.

The funny part is that her speech followed a news report in which Lebanon's Prime Minister told her to forget about visiting. Either work for an immediate, unconditional cease-fire, or don't bother coming to Lebanon. That's what he said.

So, after being told not to come, Rice "decided" not to go in a press conference for FAUX News (which, of course, carried it).

I remember the time I "decided" not to go out with Jessica Stergiopolous. I asked her out a few times, sent her roses, and I called her every night for a week, but she finally kicked me in the shin and said not to bother her anymore. After that, I decided not to go out with her. So I know how Condi Rice feels.

And in more wackiness, the Pope is now appealing for an end to violence. The head of the Christian church is appealing to Muslims and Jews to stop fighting. That is so precious. I just know everyone will listen to him. I just know it!

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