19 July 2006

Corporate Profits Thankfully Not Hurt by War, Healthcare Costs

Liberals think war is bad because people get maimed, tortured, orphaned, raped, killed, blah, blah, blah.

Well, war isn't all bad. In fact, it's highly profitable. The defense sector has defied the sagging economy and beat the market big-time since 2001. And now we have this great news:

Military contractor General Dynamics Corp. said Wednesday its second-quarter earnings rose 84 percent, driven by demand for tanks, armored vehicles and business jets, and raised its full-year earnings outlook.

But that's not the only good news. UnitedHealth also posted 2Q profits, despite 80 million uninsured Americans. But there's more!

UnitedHealth CEO made $60 million dollars last year! Awesome!

What does the CEO of YOUR health insurer make?

(Personal note: United used to be my health insurer several years ago when I needed some medical treatment. They pulled a stunt so unbelievable that I can't even believe they're still in business. It's too long of a story to post, so I'll be succinct: they're scam artists).

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