01 June 2006

The Power and the Glory

See if you can guess whose thoughts these are:

My profession progressed satisfactorily, but that was far from satisying me. The question of further simplifying my life and of doing some concrete act of service to my felowmen had been constantly agitating me, when a leper came to my door. I had not the heart to dismiss him with a meal. So I offered him shelter, dressed his wounds, and began to look after him...

But I was still ill at ease. I longed for some humanitarian work of a permanent nature... So I found time to serve in the small hospital. This work brought me some peace. It consisted in ascertaining the patient's complaints, laying the facts before the doctor and dispensing the prescriptions. It brought me in close touch with suffering Indians...

(From Gandhi's autobiography, The Story of My Experiments With Truth (and please note that it's Gandhi and not "Ghandi")

Gandhi went on to free an occupied nation of several hundred million people without money, military, media or Mr. Jesus. What did he understand that America does not?

(The Power and the Glory is a novel by Graham Greene)

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