30 May 2006

Barry Bonds, Shmarry Bonds (and other sports highlights)

"BALCO" Bonds is now no.2... and nobody outside of SF really cares.

Perhaps baseball fans will find it more interesting to speculate on who will be next to challenge the home run record. Sports Illustrated took a speculation survey, and several names came up. The key factor seems to be whether a player will remain healthy in the 2nd half of his career. I'll bet our expensive hometown hero, Griffey Jr., agrees.

Rafael Nadal broke a record this weekend, too. He won his 54th straight clay court match, passing old-timer Guillermo Vilas' mark. Vilas was there to present a special trophy to Nadal (the trophy had a cross-section of the layers of a clay court encased in glass, which was a cool idea).

The last time Nadal lost a clay court match, Paul Hackett was running for Congress and the Catholic Church was in-between Popes. He has lost to only 3 players so far this year. Unfortunately, that is 2 more than Roger Federer, who has only been beaten once... by Nadal.

And how 'bout that Dwyane Wade! Is there anything that guy can't do? Can you imagine having to guard him? What a nightmare.

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KatieG said...

there used to be a time i recognized the names of most Grand Slam participants...now, i only recognize half the seeded players.

nice job again, Roddick.