20 June 2006

Casino Backers Still Using Underhanded Tactics

Three weeks ago CityBeat news editor Greg Flannery reported on his encounter with a woman soliciting petition signatures for "scholarships for children in Ohio". The petition was actually for legalizing gambling.

Well, nothing has changed. I went to return a DVD (Da Ali G. Show, vol. 1) to Bughouse Video and a woman on the corner asked me if I'd like to sign her petition to provide scholarships for children. Thanks to Greg Flannery, I was prepared.

"Is that a petition for casinos?" I asked.

"It's to provide scholarships for children" she repeated.

"Is that a petition to legalize casinos or is that not a petition to legalize casinos?" I asked.

"It's not for casinos, it's for slot machines" she clarified.

"No thanks" I said and went on my way.

Lying, gambling and learning. Like peas in a pod, no?


steve-o said...

I'm wondering if that sort of thing can be reported to state authorities. I can't believe the Learn and Earn folks are being so underhanded and getting away with it.

Andrew Warner said...


I've been all over this for quite some time. I started with open letter to the SOS which of course received no response. I called our local board of elections as well and they offered no method of recourse. I may have even written the ethics commission as well, I actually can't remember. City Beat's blog picked up on it a few days later.

I mentioned it here as well when talking about their generally despicable campaign. Their use of children all over their website is the lowest form of politics I have seen locally.

Lisa Renee said...

I've been covering this too, on both of my blogs. As well as having a discussion with Todd Hoffman from Learn and Earn. I also looked into the Ohio Revised Code.


Same thing has been experienced here in Toledo as far as people reporting they had no idea the petition had anything to do with Gambling.

Unless a formal complaint is filed nothing is going to be done from the way I understand it.

holly_44109 said...

Me too - I had the EXACT same conversation before a concert at the Kent Stage. After I declined to sign and walked away I over heard them saying I must not be a supporter of education then.

holly_44109 said...

I had the EXACT same conversation before a concert at the Kent Stage.

"Is it FOR slot machines?"
"No, it's FOR education."

Todd Hoffman said...

The petitioners are instructed to provide information to where the funding is coming from. It is in their training. If they are not, they are doing so in violation of our policy and this will be dealt with. I have spoke with our field staff managers and they are addressing the issue by reinforcing the policy of openness and retraining the petitioners.

If you hear of more accounts similar to these cases, email me at todd.hoffman@ohiolearnandearn.com.

Todd Hoffman
Director of Online Communications
Ohio Learn and Earn

Andrew Warner said...
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