15 June 2006

Fourth Strike for Chris Henry

Does Chris Henry deserve another chance?

The Bengals WR has just been arrested for the fourth time in six months
. Last December he was arrested on a drug charge. He followed that up with a gun charge, then a DUI, and now he's charged with buying booze for underage teenage girls. He boinked one of them, but she was 18 yrs old. It didn't matter, since she filed rape charges anyway. But it turned out she lied and now she is also being charged with making a false report.

Drugs, guns, booze and sex. Welcome to the life of Chris Henry.

After his first arrest, Henry told the judge he needs to grow up and turn his life around. Obviously, he has not done that. And that is despite the support of his teammates and coach Marvin Lewis. In the short time Marv has been here, we've learned that he runs a tight ship. He doesn't put up with bullshit. But he stepped in as a bit of a father figure and supported Chris Henry and gave him a chance to get his act together. Henry did not step up.

Coach Lewis finally admitted that Henry is embarrassing the team. But he can't do anything about it, because Bengals rules prohibit taking action because of a player's off-field actions (this is my understanding).

Chris Henry had potential. I think we all saw that. So did Daryl Strawberry. So did Dennis McClain. So did Bode Miller. But maybe it's time to accept that Chris Henry is just another "amost was".

On an unrelated sports note, I'll go ahead and congratulate the Mavs on the NBA title. Based on what I've seen, Miami would need a miracle to win the title.

On another unrelated sports note, I saw the Detoit Tigers come back to win in the bottom of the ninth. How can anyone not like Pudge? Did you see it, KatieG?

Yet another: If you didn't see the NHL game last night, it was a heck of a finish! As a sports fan, I love games that go into overtime. Just love them.


KatieG said...

a. i did see it, and my jaw still drops when they do that. even last night - they ultimately lost...but they were down 1-0, 2 outs bottom of the 9th, and they rallied to tie the game. cannot believe this team is doing that.
Rogers, Bonderman, Robertson, and Verlander are the real deal...as good as any pitchign staff out there. and the bats work this year too.

b. NHL playoff overtime games are the greatest sport to watch. if you care just a tiny bit about either team. this year, I don't care about either team...unfortunately.

c. Mavericks are too talented, and Miami can't defend them.

d. Denny McClain - greatest pitcher ever...too bad he never realized or cared about that.

e. the bengals have too much potential to deal with this kind of crap. drop him. asap.

TravisG said...

I've heard that Bengals coaches were concerned that Henry's family, about 15 of whom moved into his house after Katrina, would be a distraction and bad influence on him. Apparently they're not the most responsible bunch you could hang around with.

Unfortunately for the Bengals, the players' union won't allow them to cut Henry for off-field actions. I don't like his chances of making it out of training camp, though (cough-cough).

Michelle Fry said...

The Bangals ought to be able to put Henry on Antibuse. Some people are hell bent on destroying themselves. And the more talent they have, the more they try to disprove that they are worthy of anything.