26 June 2006

Local Officials Get Brazilian Soccer Names

Yesterday KatieG put up a post about this site which will generate a Brazilian soccer name from an ordinary name. I put in about a dozen names, mostly athletes, and got back some goofy names. For example, Kenyon Martin is Claudio Kenyisco.

Later I went back and played some more, this time with the names of local officials. Here's our city council World Cup team:

Jinho Da Costa

Oh, wait... that's only 9. Let's round it out with the mayor, Malliano, and 2nd district Congresswoman, Schma.


KatieG said...

wow. you really must have had a slow day playing with discarded foreskin. (or did you discard that job already?)

actually - all the lawyers on my floor have their brazilian names taped to their computer/bulletin board/door/whatever. so we have lots of time too, apparently. :)

WestEnder said...

It probably seems like I spent more time than I actually did. I just entered the first dozen or so athletes that popped into my head, so that was quick. And then later at night I had the city council idea.

And it's never a slow day when there are foreskins to be dealt with...