19 June 2006

Surprise! U.S. Troops Used Illegal Torture Techniques

Now I know what you're thinking, "Can it really be torture if it's done by the U.S.?"

The answer is of course "no". The U.S. doesn't torture. How many times does Dick Cheney have to remind you liberals of that? Don't you know he has better things to attend to?

And there's also the issue of whether it can really be torture if the "victims" (so-called) are Muslim? The answer is of course "no". Muslims are not as good as Christians. Their religious leaders were dresses. They promote guns and violence. They think they know the word of God. They interpret their holy book literally. They want their religious leaders to the government and judicial systems. Must I go on?

But the liberal media just can't stop, can it? I mean, just look at the tripe they're trying to push on us now:

A US military report has found evidence to suggest that US Special Operations troops used unauthorized interrogation techniques against detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2004.

...during a four-month period in early 2004 US troops used these illicit methods long after approval for them was rescinded.

...reports proved the Bush administration did not take inquiries on prisoners’ abuse seriously.

Awful, isn't it? I'm just as mad as you are. At the media, of course. I would never think of not supporting President Bush and the troops. Oh, that reminds me... I need to pick up another sticker for my bumper. My Escalade is so big that I need a sticker on both sides. That's how much I love my country.

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