28 June 2006

Kentucky Wingnut Doesn't Understand Law, Blames System

Surprise! Another wingnut has come out of the woodwork to claim that the system is wrong because it doesn't conform to his out-of-the-mainstream evangelical views. [The Post...]

What do you mean you're not surprised?

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Wes said...

I hope Jesus comes back soon and kicks some more Pharisee ass. This is beyond ridiculous. Law and morality do not begin and end with abortion, homosexuality, and posting the Ten Commandments.

If memory serves, Marcus Carey is part of the increasingly Christo-fascist NKY GOP - the same bunch that gave us Addia Wuchner, the state rep from Boone County who would make Diocletian and Genghis Khan uneasy with her bloodlust for wiping out opposition.