01 May 2006

This Post Is Actually NOT About Tony Snow

But Tony Snow is a local boy. He graduated from Princeton H.S. in'73 and is described as "a long-haired, tennis playing, student council member named Robert Anthony Snow."

Today he is the new White House Press Secretary, which is basically what he's been doing for the past few years on FAUX News anyway. But now his sycophancy will be bankrolled by taxpayers.

(By the way, I predict that he will be the most highly regarded press secretary ever.)

But what caught my eye in the article was what his classmate, now an official in the Princeton school district, said:

"[Snow] has come a long way from his days reading the daily announcements at Princeton..and his former classmate, who now works for the school district, proudly predicts a future Washington heavyweight could be walking these halls today.

Allgeyer says, "We can breed world class leaders here."

Shouldn't every school be saying that? Shouldn't every school have that attitude? Shouldn't every student walk through the doors with a sense that somewhere down the road, what they learn will make them leaders? Shouldn't education be a higher priority with Americans?

That's what this post is about. And for those yet unconvinced, I submit to you that this and this are pretty good arguments for improving education.

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