26 May 2006

Tri-State Gets Dubya'd by Storm

In other words, it left disaster in its wake.

At one point there were 112,000 customers without power, and only about 15,000 got their power back on last night.

Rain, winds, lightning, and hail. We got it all last night. My power went out around dusk, right as the storm hit downtown. I got my flashlight, deployed my big 3-wick candle and listened to the storm pass through. Thor was pissed off big time. It was obvious that power was going to be out for a while.

I decided to pass the time by sitting on the balcony and smoking a cigar with a glass of tequila while listening to sports radio and watching the dark clouds scoot across the sky. I wondered where the birds go to hide. Eventually I realized I would have to eat out since I couldn't cook or reheat anything at home. So I drove over to Duff's on N. Bend Rd. (that's when I got pelted by hail) to watch some baseball and NBA and eat some pub grub.

I got home at 11:15 and was pleased to see the lights on in my street. Only about 15,000 customers got their power restored, so I'm one of the lucky few whose milk will last another day. Duke says it might be Saturday before everyone gets back online.

(bad segue approaching...)

Oh, and speaking of Dubya's destructive wake, here's something very interesting that an Oxford professor has discovered about the mathematical structure of terrorism.


Michelle said...

I hope the power is back on and all is well. The mathematical structure of terrorism article was depressing as hell, mostly because I think it's true.

TravisG said...

The power at my office suddenly shut down while reading this post. It was slightly disorienting. That was quite a storm, though, wasn't it?