02 May 2006

Today in CEO News

Jurors get peek at Lay’s lifestyle in Enron trial.

When Hueston asked whether Lay considered cutting personal expenses so he could borrow less cash from Enron, the ex-chairman said he could not simply turn off his lifestyle “like a spigot.”

Skilling faces 28 counts of fraud, conspiracy, insider trading and lying to auditors, while Lay faces six counts of fraud and conspiracy. Lay also faces a separate trial on bank fraud charges unrelated to the current trial.

Diebold CEO to receive up to $1.7 million in annual compensation.

Thomas Swidarski will earn a base salary of $550,000 with bonuses of up to 200 percent, according to the contract he reached with the company last week.

Swidarski is nearly five months into leading the company after serving as president and chief operating officer. He took over Dec. 12 for Walden W. O’Dell, Diebold’s former chairman and CEO, who resigned suddenly from both posts.

Diebold, which also makes ATMs and security equipment, has about 14,000 employees in nearly 90 countries.

Diebold makes ATMs and security equipment? Somehow I don't feel any more secure knowing that.

(What's the beef with Diebold?)

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Marlipern said...

I'm wondering... will Swidarski receive bonuses for every republican that is elected due to the built-in software anomalies in Diebold's voting machines?